As I watched my 2 brothers play with the standard Indian sport of “Snakes and Ladders”, I was understanding, at each step, there was a striking similarity this match has together with our life’s journey. There are many classes that this sport may teach us, such as how to begin executing the largest sport in our hands i.e. “our personal life”.


Allow me to give you a bit of background about the sport only for all those unlucky souls who didn’t have the joy of enjoying this traditional game through their youth, then I will share how I look at this match from life’s view and what can I hear from it.


Concerning the Game

Snakes and Ladders is a standard Indian board game performed in virtually every household. These days, it’s seen as a global classic. The historical variant of the game was created to teach moral lessons to the gamers and also to demonstrate that the game’s similarity to existence and its teachings. A participant’s development up the board to 100 represented the travel of a lifetime while the ladders and snakes represented the vices and virtues along the travel.


This is my take on the learning out of this particular game. A few of those learning proved historically intended how it’s recorded here, while nearly all of them derive from my personal knowledge in life’s journey so far.


(1) Virtues and Vices

The sport was translated and utilized as an instrument for instructing the effects of good deeds vs poor. As in life, the sport demonstrates that the amount of ladders will probably always be significantly less than the range of snakes as a reminder that a course of good is significantly more challenging to tread than the usual course of sins. Regardless of that, stick with this,


(2) Life is Dual

You may face both good and bad times. Exactly like ladders(ups) and snakes(reverses ), you may meet nice and bad around you and you’ll also do the correct and the wrong things because you proceed through the gorgeous journey of existence. Life is double. Accept it that way and you’ll have the ability to live far more thankfully. If now, things haven’t gone your way (you might have struck more snakes), that’s part of the game. You have to keep focus and proceed. You’re very likely to contact a ladder shortly. Keep moving.


(3) Identify your Goal

The aim of the game is identified for you. It’s quite apparent that to win, you have to achieve 100. People who’ve played the sport may have understood how focused we remain in the sport to achieve 100, despite acquiring any ladder or getting stung by any snake. Irrespective of what’s occurring to our competitor from the sport, we keep remaining extremely focused on achieve 100 defying all odds rather than becoming bogged down with any snake bites.

That’s precisely the way the larger game (lifetime ) is assumed to be lived. To begin with, you need to specify the objective of your own life before you place from your home to do anything else. Here is the toughest thing for most people to perform and many people struggle until the end of our own lives to come across the objective of our life. I recommend my readers to stop doing anything else until they’ve discovered the purpose of the own lives. Living a life with no certain objective is similar to playing with the Snakes and Ladders game without even understanding your duty is to achieve 100. Everything that you’re doing in your life now is useless if you don’t have described the function of your daily life .


If you’re working hard at a vicious circle and therefore are part of this so called rat-race, and you’re not certain how could you find the time to spot or pursue your true aims of life, then you can accommodate a procedure which I adapted a couple of short years back. First try to get financially liberated doing what you do now. Post your financial freedom, you’d have purchased time on your favor, and you can actually work towards your lifetime objectives. Make Financial Freedom among your main ladder in this game of life to attain your ultimate objectives or pursue your own passions of life.


(4) Maintain your focus on the target

Having previously defined the goal, align all of your everyday actions with the point of your daily life. You have to keep your attention on that end goal and that is going to drive your everyday activities to be certain they are aligned with the objective. In the event you experience things which you do every day which aren’t aligned with the objective of your life, begin thinking and discovering ways to remove them from your life gradually.


(5) Be humble but never give up.

Everything you have with you now is temporary and may be ruined within a portion of a moment. Be thankful with what you’ve got. Similarly, when you drop down, do not stop trying. Try again. Isn’t that what you do once you fall from the sport. You merely look forward once more with renewed energy and struggle back to the surface. This is precisely the way the life is assumed to be lived.


(6) Accept the outcome

No matter the outcome (win or lose), take it with grace. Don’t be excessively elated in achievement and on the flip side, don’t be demotivated on your own failure. What’s temporary and lifestyle is assumed to have a mixture of both. Convert your negative result to a positive energy to battle back again and again get to the top.


(7) Have Patience

Patience is another virtue we could learn from this particular game. You might be the last from the lot but if you maintain patience and continue to do what’s the correct thing to do, you may soon be surprised by how fast life can return to you, precisely how the way that it occurs in this particular game. Thus, be patient, keep doing the ideal thing, don’t get diverted, annoyed or demotivated. Life will require a turn… however again.


(8) Maintain Moving

In the conclusion of the day, it is not the quantity of snakes or ladders which you confront in your life which will determine your destiny. Has anybody won this match simply because they got more variety of ladders? No. Your future in the sport of life is decided by something, and one thing only -“motion”. Just keep moving forward. Do not stop in the foot of a snake and then toss the dice away. You may prefer to pause for a little time to recharge the batteries, or have a small cry, but keep moving . On how learn from the mistakes or misfortunes – till you get to the finishing point as a veteran victor.


(9) Enjoy Life

Here is the biggest lesson of all of them, based on me. Never be in too much hurry to make it to the conclusion of the game. Appreciate the lucky breaks but recognize that the continuous patches along with the snakes stop us from getting to the finish too fast and add spice to our match. Enjoy your trip of the game, the turns and twists, the ladders and snakes alike. Ultimately, everyone will get to the end target – earlier or later. Be a fantastic participant, taking advantage of all of the travel brings. Love and cherish every single moment of life.