I simply referred to as WAR card game, or declare war, is one of the card games. The implementations also make it appropriate for adults as well, although this make it perfect for children. The game itself has real backgrounds where there were a trend among soldiers to search mimic war. This soon evolved into the green army men toys, and finally war simulators, such as miniature board games. Whether this card game is enjoyable enough to distract even the greatest ranking generals, then it will be interesting enough for you also.


While the WAR card game can be played online, nothing beats a traditional deck. The conventional French 52 card deck, although it omits the Joker card is used by the game. Aside from the deck, you want players of course, plus a sturdy place like a table to set your down cards. After that, you’re ready to kick into action for this fun game!

How to Play War Card Game

WAR is revered for its simplicity as mentioned before. The WAR game tutorial makes it to recall, as well as simple and fast to learn.

  1. First, remove all jokers from the 52 card deck.
  2. Next, split the cards evenly by two decks of 26, all placed face down. As both moves by each participant are done there are no endings.
  3. To begin, players will reveal just one card from their deck. The greatest card will triumph, and the participant takes both cards a result.
  4. When the cards rank the same, then WAR is announced. When this occurs, players draw two cards, one face up, and one face down. Whichever player draws the face up card with the maximum rank wins all cards (six cards total). Then the method is repeated until there is a winner hit if the same card is drawn again. In the end, a victor is obtained in one of two situations.
    1. A player runs out of cards in their deck also loses automatically.
    2. Two, the player with the most cards when time is known as wins.

Team Size

I declare although decks can allow for other gamers, so long as each is dealt twenty six cards precisely war is played with just two players.

WAR Playing Time

Even the match should not last too long. An average round will require five to fifteen minutes the most, making the game not only prized because of its simplicity, but for its convenience that is speedy and naturally overall thrill factor as well.