There is a strategy for accessing your cards down to this last one when playing Uno, but you might be breaking the rules.


Facebook user LaToya McCaskill Stallings shared a status expressing her shock at finding out players can only use the “Wild Draw Four” card at a certain time.

“So, it has taken me 35 years on this earth to recognize I’ve been playing Uno incorrect since I was a child,” she wrote. “Did y’know you could just play with the Draw 4 Wild card in case you don’t have other cards which may be played with??!”


However, the surprise principle does not end there.


“AND in case you suspect that somebody has played with this card, they must show you their hands. AND if they actually played with the card, they need to draw 4, but otherwise, whoever contested the drama should DRAW 6?”


Stallings added she got tired and ended up reading the real Uno rule novel when she detected that rule.


Her status has since gone viral, and people are expressing their disbelief at this official rule. The surprise has even extended her post.


“We’ve been playing UNO wrong. You can only play a +4 card if you have no other cards that can be played. RT to mend a broken friendship,” wrote Twitter user Niall Quinn.