Putting your skateboard together is a fantastic way to find out more and take pride. Do not worry, if you have never put together a skateboard earlier –you will help through the procedure step-by-step.


Here’s a listing of everything you may need:

  1. Grip tape
  2. Skateboard deck
  3. Razor blade
  4. File
  5. Risers (optional)
  6. Trucks
  7. 4 wheels
  8. 8 bearings
  9. 8 nuts & bolts
  10. Screwdriver
  11. Skate tool


Step 1: Twist grip tape.

  1. Press down so that it lays flat.
  2. Run a screwdriver or document along the borders of the plank to follow an outline of this deck. When you are ready to cut this will function as a guide back.
  3. Sand down the borders of the grip tape to smooth some rough or raised parts that could peel off.

Step 2: Mount trucks to deck. 

  1. Find the mounting holes then use the screws along with a screwdriver to punch holes down throughout the traction tape.
  2. Put bolts. Begin by fitting those if you are installing risers. Otherwise, slide the baseplate.
  3. Ensure that your two trucks are currently confronting each other–IE, the two kingpins are currently confronting. Repeat on the opposite side.


Step 3:  Attach wheels to trucks.

  1. Eliminate axle nuts and rate washers. Place bearing on the axle until you are feeling that the bearing slide to the middle of this wheel and press on the wheel. Add the bearing spacer within the wheel in the side. It means that the posture is in, should you hear a noise when you press on the wheel. Do this to all four wheels.
  2. Place it around the axle if you are using a spacer. Otherwise, put in the wheel followed with the washer.
  3. By means of your skate weapon or tool, fix the nut until there’s not any play the wheel ought to have the ability to spin freely. Ensure that if it places at an angle — your wheel is flat; it means that your bearings are in.


Step 4: Examine your own skateboard.

  1. Check to ensure grip screws and tape are even. Give them a couple more turns, but do not crack the deck if they are not flush.
  2. Make certain that your trucks are securely fastened for your deck. The baseplate should not proceed.
  3. Stand in your own board and stone back and forth. Test the tightness of these trucks and ensure that the wheels may spin. If you split or cannot turn, turn your own kingpin’s nut counterclockwise. If you sense resistance when pushing or cannot shore for long, loosen your own wheels.

After everything feels and looks great, you are done! It is time to hit on the roads and revel in your brand-new skateboard!