You’ve resolved to find someone a skateboard’s gift this year, and you’ve got to determine which kind. It may be daunting, but when you are up you’ve already picked trucks and a deck. These items can help determine what dimensions skateboard wheels operate with your skateboard.


Wheels change in size, color and endurance. Wheels are made from polyurethane. Durometer and the diameter are a matter of skating style and personal taste.


Diameter – The bigger the number. Wheels are somewhat slower.

50-53mm — Little slower wheels, secure for trick riding and smaller riders skating road, skate bowls and parks.

54-59mm — Typical wheel dimensions for novices and larger riders skating road, skate parks, bowls and vert ramps.

60mm+ — Specialty riders skating longboards, old fashioned planks, dirt and downhill planks; created for pace and warmer surfaces.


What durometer skateboard wheels do I need?

The hardness of the wheel is measured by durometer. Harder wheels are quicker wheels are somewhat slower but have grip.


Wheel durometer is measured on a Durometer A Scale that goes to measure hardness. Some businesses utilize the B Scale which measures 20 points reduced, allowing the scale to be prolonged by 20 points to get tougher wheels. So, a durometer is just like 100a durometer. These wheels have a more accurate and bigger selection of hardness.


Smooth cruising – A 78a-87a wheel is the softest option with the most grip. It is fantastic for road boards or rough surfaces, longboards which require a lot of traction to roll over pebbles and cracks. It is made for hills longboards, or rough surfaces or cruising round.


Getting quicker — A 88a-95a wheel is a little harder and quicker, but the clasp is still excellent. That is a fantastic solution for the road and surfaces that are demanding.


A mix of speed and traction — The 96a-99a is an all-around fantastic wheel, using a balance of speed and traction which makes it a fantastic option for novices skating road, skate parks, pools and ramps.


Now you are flying! — The pros usually go for the 101a+ wheels. They have the smallest amount of traction and they’re hard and quick, so they are ineffective on surfaces.